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Hi, I'm Kei Han Goodman, the calligrapher and artist behind Haniya Calligraphy Studio. I started my studio in 2007, two years after I had my daughter. And it's been a whirlwind of paper, nibs, design, arguments about what's appropriate to wear to school, and yelling at my husband from the other room ever since.

Calligraphy was originally how I found moments of quiet, and for many years I studied extensively from historical books and Master Calligraphers from around the globe. When I'm fascinated by something, I tend to go all out and learn everything I possibly can. Now it is my passion. But I also love to talk about food, cooking food, eating food, sharing food, enjoying food...calligraphy and food make me happy. But don't worry. I never eat while I'm working. 


With everything I've learned and continue to study, I now love to create personalized, custom scripts for you. Fonts and typography certainly have their place. But a unique calligraphic script can help to tell your story and evoke your style in a way that no one else can copy.

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Haniya Calligraphy Studio does not have a retail location, but I'm happy to meet you in person if you're local to the greater Cincinnati area, or via Skype/FaceTime. A brief telephone call is required to book an appointment.

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