I'm Kei Han Goodman, the calligrapher and artist behind Haniya Calligraphy & Design Studio. I've been a professional calligrapher since 2007. 

As a calligrapher, I'm classically trained, continuously studying from historical archives and learning from master calligraphers from around the globe, including Chief White House Calligrapher Pat Blair, Royal Crown Scribe Paul Antonio, William Lilly, Harvest Crittenden, John DeCollibus, and Yves Leterme. I continue to educate myself in my craft, which gives me the foundation from which I create unique, custom scripts from all the letterforms whirling around in my head. And this deep understanding of letters allows me to design out of the box for those clients who, like me, look at life from a different angle.  

But if we're going to be literal, I probably started back when I drew puffy letters on my three-ring notebook binder between the games that predicted I would marry Michael J. Fox, have four kids, drive a Lamborghini, and live in a palazzo in Italy.

None of these things happened. But I kept on writing and drawing, sidetracked by a career in finance and project management, got married to the love of my life instead, had one daughter, tolerated multiple cats, and currently ridiculously spoil my corgi, Baxter.