I'm Kei Han Goodman, the calligrapher and artist behind Haniya Calligraphy & Design Studio. I've been a professional calligrapher since 2007, two years after I had my daughter. And it's been a whirlwind of paper, nibs, design, arguments about what's appropriate to wear to school, and yelling at my husband from the other room ever since.

Calligraphy was originally how I found moments of quiet, and for many years I studied extensively from historical books and from calligraphers around the globe, including Chief White House Calligrapher Pat Blair, Royal Crown Scribe Paul Antonio, and Master Calligraphers like William Lilly, Harvest Crittenden, John DeCollibus, Heather Held, and Yves Leterme. When I'm fascinated by something, I tend to go all out and learn everything I possibly can. 

Calligraphy is not handwriting; it is an art form that I've spent many years perfecting. Contact me to learn how I can design a special script just for you.